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Welcome to the Man-Child


This information is provided by The Body of Christ and may be shared freely without charge.

 It may be copied and distributed but NEVER sold not even to recuperate production costs.

              All rights reserved The Body of Christ  1997       

Click Here for the UNCTION to FUNCTION JUNCTION,,,,, and are web sites developed by The Body of Christ; for the Body of Christ.  We invite you to browse the sites and send us questions or comments you may have.  You will receive insight, inspiration, receive Revelation as you read what the Lord Jesus has instructed us to share; but most importantly,  be connected to the Body in a unique and vital way; you can get to know our Heavenly Father like never before.  

The Body of Christ is now taking its rightful place in the world.   The early church knew who they were in Christ and consequently changed the world.  They understood their purpose:  "For this purpose the son of man was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil" - 1 John 3:8.  Now the devil is again loose to deceive the nations and has targeted the church, the Body of the Lord Jesus.  The Body of Christ is rising to the occasion and taking back what the devil has stolen and preventing him from stealing more.

Remember that His Body will be complete and we, the Body of Jesus, who is the Bridegroom, will be fully developed and functional.   In these last days God has raised up the Five-Fold ministry (described in Eph. 4:11) to facilitate the maturing process.  We are delighted that He has chosen this web site as one of His tools for the Five-Fold ministry to function in plurality.  Click here to access the audio archives of  "The Five-Fold Ministry Speaks Out"

As directed by the Holy Spirit we have devoted this web site to fulfill the scripture in John 8: 31b-32.  "If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."   We are continuing in His Word, presenting the Truth and fully expecting  freedom to manifest.   Open your spiritual ears and be willing to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying to you, the Church, The Body of Christ.  God does not want you to filter the Truth through the sieve of religion, tradition, logic or education.   The Holy Spirit wants to speak to you directly about your position and authority - NOW!   He wants to teach you how the Body of Christ is intended to grow and to reveal the mystery of the end times.


If you have become a member of the Body of Christ - you are "the Body of Christ and a Member in particular" and are to be fully functional as a member of His Body.  God separated and called you from your mother's womb - Gal. 1:15.   Jesus said, "Many are called but few chosen."   All you have to become chosen is to respond to His call on your life.  We as the members of the Body of Christ have been gifted and have a calling.   Jesus never turned anyone away.

If you have not made Jesus the your Lord of your Life, Click Here and find out how to do so. 

Jesus gave specific directions to follow regarding this web site.  Some things He has directed us to do may seem radical.  Jesus was a bit radical Himself.  You will be challenged also.  At His direction, we will expose many of the errors of the current-day church and present Revelation from our Heavenly Father about His desire for the Church.  

If Ye Have Ears to Hear, an open heart to the Holy Spirit and are willing to renew your mind to the Word of God, He will teach and guide you.  You will see burdens removed and yokes destroyed in your life and in the lives of those with whom you have contact. Open your heart and hear what the Holy Spirit is saying to you, the church.  He wants to Reveal to you who you are in Him and how He has gifted you; yes, He has already gifted you; it's time to stir it up.

The sooner we, the Body of Christ, grow up, the sooner we will see "...the fullness of the measure of the Stature of Christ...." hence, the Man-Child.

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         Updated 3/11/2006

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The Body of Christ: the 5-Fold Ministry Speaks out!

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CLERGY APPRECIATION DAY HISTORY - "In 1992, layperson Jerry Frear, Jr., was brainstorming with church colleagues about how they might be of help to their minister when he glanced at a calendar and noticed that it was almost Groundhog Day. 'I thought, If they have a day for groundhogs, there ought to be a day for the 375,000 clergy people in America,' Frear says." So...for the last seven years the second Sunday in October has been set aside to show appreciation for our clergy...."
~Source: The Saturday Evening Post, Sept/Oct. '96~